Whether you’re planning a move, selling your vehicle or just need to ship a vehicle to or from Dallas, shipping a car to Dallas is easier than you might think. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to ship a car to Dallas while using the right auto shipping service for you, keep reading on for everything you need to know.

Car Shipping to or From Dallas

Founded in 1841 and home to 1.3 million people, Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States and the third largest city in Texas. Over 24.9 million tourists visit Dallas each year and this bustling city is home to seven professional sports teams. Dallas also has plenty of cultural activities to keep you busy during the weekends, like the Dallas Arts District.

Dallas, TX, Auto Transport Services

If you’re looking to ship your car to or from Dallas, you’ll need to think about your transport requirements and work with a carrier you can trust. The good news is that Ship A Car Direct has vetted each carrier we work with so you don’t have to. We have reviewed over 7,500 auto carriers with our rigorous screening process, so choosing a car carrier company to safely ship your car to Dallas is easier than ever.

Door-To-Door Car Shipping To And From Dallas

One of the many benefits of working with Ship A Car Direct is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to arrange a shipment or delivery of a vehicle. As long as the delivery address provided has accessibility for a multi-car carrier, there shouldn’t be any issues. If your delivery address has access issues, we simply request that you meet your carrier in a nearby location to safely retrieve the vehicle.

Open Car Transport To/From Dallas

Shipping vehicles via open car transport is one of the most common ways cars are transported across the country. This is down to ease (open car transit can fit up to 12 vehicles) and affordability. While this is generally considered a safe way to transport a vehicle, it’s important to note that the cars will be exposed to the factors and weather beyond the operator’s control.

Enclosed Car Transport To/From Dallas

Enclosed car transport is usually more expensive than open car transport and usually only contains six or seven cars at most. While this is the more expensive way to ship a vehicle, it is one of the safest as the car is secure and protected.

Luxury & Classic Car Transport To/From Dallas

If you’re interested in shipping a luxury or classic car to or from Dallas, you’ll need to work with an auto transport company that specializes in luxury transfers. Companies who specialize in this type of auto transport service usually have the insurance coverage needed to keep your vehicle safe and secure for the long journey ahead.

Door To Door Car Transport To/From Dallas

Shipping a vehicle to or from Dallas can be done with minimal fuss and stress. You don’t even need to be on the receiving end of the delivery if you can’t be there for any reason. The carrier will simply deliver the vehicle to your designated contact who will need to sign the bill of lading.

Cross Country Car Shipping To/From Dallas

If you’re looking to ship a car to or from Dallas, the total transit time needed depends on how far the car needs to go. As a general rule of thumb, shipments from coast to coast take up to 2 weeks.

Popular Dallas Auto Transport Routes

You may be surprised to find out that the most direct route to transport your vehicle to your delivery address isn’t always the cheapest. That’s why there are various routes carriers take to deliver your vehicle to or from Dallas, such as:

  • Topeka to Dallas
  • Detroit to Dallas
  • San Francisco to Dallas
  • Dallas to Miami

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Shipping a Vehicle to/From Dallas

Before shipping your vehicle to or from Dallas, you’ll want to make sure you follow the below tips to receive the best service possible.

Why Choose Ship a Car Direct for Dallas Car Shipping?

Ship a Car Direct provides you with 100% insured, licensed and bonded carriers. You only need to pay after the car has been delivered and we’re proud to offer a damage free guarantee, making sure your car is looked after at all times.

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