Have you ever thought about PCS military shipping? As a current active duty service member, you must take all of the items and equipment you need when transferring from one base to another. If you had to move it all yourself, it would be a significant hassle. The hardest thing for many people to move when transferring is their vehicle.

Fortunately, you will never have to handle it alone. Anyone can use PCS military shipping for personal operating vehicles as well as privately owned vehicles.

How Does Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Work?

Military PCS vehicle shipping provides a cost-effective solution for active duty service members to transport their vehicles. It's also available for privately owned cars in some cases but may require additional documentation to avoid fees from military PCS orders.

First, you need to select the carrier of your choice from one of many military-approved carriers who offer military PCS vehicle shipping as an option on their website or through phone call/inquiry. Contact us to find the best provider. Ship A Car Direct is here to help!

Next, submit your request by filling out all pertinent information about the shipment, including the origin and destination addresses, preferred pickup date, type of car, model year if applicable – make sure this matches up strictly between both parties as this will help you avoid any delays. You can save time, resources, and effort when you ship your next car by understanding the process.

Why Ship a Car Direct for Military Car Shipping?

There are numerous reasons to ship military vehicles directly. Primarily, PCS military shipping from one station to another is more convenient than relying on a carrier.

Many people enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of using their vehicles instead of renting or taking public transportation when they move.

Military PCS vehicle shipping also offers valuable discounts for active-duty personnel — which can be significantly lower than traditional car rentals. There are many additional benefits to military PCS car shipping, so you should explore these in detail before making your decision.

Always make sure to get accurate quotes that include all expenses. We make it easy; please use the form now to receive your estimate.

Keep in mind that there might be specific fees that will not apply if your vehicle is shipped directly through the U.S. Government Service Agency (USGSA), such as port charges, terminal handling fee, and a permanent import bond. You may end up with duty station and government expense costs. Once you know which items to look out for, you won't have trouble navigating the process.

Steps for Efficient PCS Military Shipping

  • Ensure your vehicle meets the requirements. That means it's in good working order with all necessary paperwork and inspection stickers up to date (if required by the destination country).
  • If you're overseas, check what type of insurance is available for your vehicle as well; it might be cheaper than back home!
  • Fill out a Customs Declaration form at least 30 days before departure. You will need to provide information on where your car came from when purchased, its make and model number, and any additions made or installed since you purchased it, such as aftermarket headlights or speakers. The U.S. Government Service Agency provides full instructions.
  • Get a designation letter if you're traveling outside North America.
  • It's essential to make sure the car has a clean title and is in good condition before sending it. No one wants to deal with shipping a vehicle with title problems.
  • Declare your car and ask for a letter of resignation from the U.S. Customs Service if you're traveling outside of North America.
  • Be sure to get an International Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) beforehand. The VIN is accessible in some countries but will cost money in others.
  • Allow at least 30 days before departure to obtain the required documentation needed from the customs office.

If you're shipping anything other than a vehicle, you must research what type of insurance coverage is available. For example, PCS military personnel often need life insurance when going abroad or home leave benefits while serving their country. We recommend getting advice from professional advisors like insurance experts who can assist with these matters.

Consider What You Need Before Shipping a Car

There are a few items you'll need for military PCS shipping, including:

  • PCS military shipping documentation (D.D. Form 2690, D.D. Form 2384)
  • Vehicle documents and keys (this will vary depending on the carrier you choose).
  • Any manuals or essential paperwork related to the vehicle

Military discounts are available to service members through a company that offers PCS military shipping services, such as Ship a Car Direct.

All vehicles must be in excellent working condition when transporting them abroad as certain countries may not allow older cars into their country due to safety concerns. You should call your assigned transportation officer if you're unsure about the rules in the destination country.

PCS Military Shipping: Tips on How to Transport Your Vehicles

The process of transporting cars can be expensive for service members who are not eligible for government-sponsored rates, but it does not have to break the bank.

For more information on how we ship your car, contact us now. As a proud member of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, we're here to help military families ship their personal operating vehicles safely. We're proud of our military vehicle shipping service.

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