The decision to ship your car isn’t an undertaking to treat lightly— you need to know every detail about how we handle the shipping of your vehicle. Auto transport methods can be handled differently depending on the car and its destination.

There are many variables when it comes to the logistics of vehicle transport, but one major difference is whether the vehicle will be shipped in an open or an enclosed container.

Open air containers are a common (and less expensive) method of shipping vehicles. The cars are strapped on securely and transported by safe and experienced drivers. Since the cars are on open trailers, there is no protection from the weather, road debris or other hazards.

Enclosed auto transport is more costly to ship, however, the cars are inside of a truck and sheltered from the elements. There are typically fewer cars shipped inside of an enclosed container, and the process may take less time overall.

Auto Carriers or All Shapes & Sizes

When trying to decide what kind of Car Carrier would be best for you, it helps to understand the differences. There are car carriers that hold 8 to 10 cars, while others may hold only a couple. And then, of course, there are open auto carriers and enclosed car carriers.

Most often, people see the larger open car carriers out on the road.

Enclosed auto carriers are out on the road with you as well you just might not know it since they look just like your average moving truck.

The biggest question you probably have is ‘what is the cost difference is between open and enclosed auto carriers?’ Well, depending on the distance that you ship a car, an enclosed car carrier will normally cost you anywhere from a 50% increase to quite possibly double the price of an open car carrier.

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The majority of people shipping vehicles use open auto carriers, and assuming you are okay with your vehicle getting a little dirty and/or wet, then you should too. But for those of you shipping classic cars or other high-end vehicles, an enclosed auto carrier is definitely something to consider.

In this depressed economical environment, it is important to save money with every chance you get. When you’re moving, there are a number of costs associated with transporting important items from one place to the next. One big expense is the cost of moving your vehicle to your new location. When you’re considering moving a car, there are a lot of hidden costs that can weaken your budget if you do it yourself. However, if you use a car hauler, then you may be able to reap a lot more benefits than just money. Car shipping takes away a lot of headaches that you may have when you force yourself to drive that clunker through state lines. Vehicle shipping can save you money, you just need to know and understand how.

The first way is on gas. Gas prices constantly change, but one thing is for certain, gas cost a lot more than it did in the golden days. Let’s face it, it costs more than it did ten years ago. Using a car transport service you don’t have to consider the price of gas because the car shipping quote will be include that in the service.

Thirdly the expense of driving across the country can be great. Here you find a lot of expenses such as hotels, food and any other unforeseen circumstances that may come up.

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Here are a few ways that you cut cost by using an auto transporting company.

Secondly, you save on your car maintenance. Wear and tear on your car happens when you put more miles on it. Oil changes, engine durability and tire tread will be saved because of using a dependable auto shipping service. Car movers put your vehicle on a trailer and there is no precious miles being used up. These are the special hidden savings that you get when you outsource shipping your vehicle.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to hire an expert auto shipper to handle the transporting of your car from one location to the next. You will be able to save money in a lot of different ways. The fuel that you would have to pay for by driving, the car maintenance that you will avoid by not putting more miles on your car and finally the unforeseen expenses such as hotel costs and food and other unplanned events. While shopping for a car hauler, make sure you find one that’s honest and has a great track record of doing business. Doing business with a quality car carrier will save you a lot of worries.

What if you have more than one vehicle? That can be a pain in the neck, which means more drivers, more gas and more wear and tear on your cars. Car relocation specialists are there to provide you a service that gives you more comfort and lots of bang for your buck. You can make sure you get the experts to do all of the work for you. Just hand them the keys and meet your vehicle at the destination.

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