How do I qualify for the Free Move or Cash Back incentive?

There are no pages of fine print to avoid what we advertise. In order for you to qualify for your Free Move or Cash Back, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must not have visited the property prior to registering on UMoveFree/
  • You must have found out about the apartment from one of our agents.
  • You must notify your agent prior to visiting communities, so that in the event a community requires pre-registration or escorting you to the property, the agent is capable of fulfilling this requirement. (UNDER FEDERAL FAIR HOUSING ACT MULTIFAMILY HOUSING PROVIDERS CANNOT LIMIT/MODIFY AVAILABLITY, SPECIALS OR PRICES) That means no matter with or without using an apartment finding service, the apartment's quoted prices/specials/availability will be the same as whomever just walked in before you.
  • You must list agent's name and company on the Guest Card and Rental Application. This MUST be done in order to receive the free move or cash back rebate.
  • You must not be moving from a sister property.
  • You must not be transferring (on-site transfer) from within the same property.
  • You must sign at least a 12-month lease to be eligible for any incentive.
  • Your rental rate must be at least $800. If less than $800, you will be eligible for a reduced cash back rebate ($75.00) or a reduced moving credit/free move offer ($75.00).
  • You must not break your lease and stay current on rent payments.
  • If the referral fee from the participating community is below our minimum requirements, we reserve the right to offer a reduced cash back rebate.

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