The Villas of Bent Trails Availability


The Villas of Bent Trails



Has Vacant***  Unit to Lease









B3 2X2.5 Townhome



1092 sq ft For $799



Available NOW



$299 Total June Move-In



(Includes Deposit and Application Fee)









The Villas of Bent Trails



Has  Unit On-Notice to Lease









A1 1X1 Efficiency



300 Sq ft For $410



Available 7-5-12



Deposit $150






B4 2X2.5 Townhome



1116 sq ft For $915



Available 7-7-12



$250 Deposit









Al Floor Plans have a



$35 Application



$150 Deposit on all 1 Bedrooms



$250 Deposit on all 2 Bedrooms



 ($50 Non-Refundable)













Please send us your people TODAY!!!












Cindy & Taylor




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